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RE: Help Repairing Your Credit

Dear Fellow Credit User,

Ask yourself - have you ever thought about what it would be like to have clean credit and no debt?

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to be financially free?

I believe that the reason that you are reading this is because you're either overwhelmed with credit card debt, concerned about what your debt situation is (or could turn into), and/or don't know where to turn to get help. Every week that goes by your debt seems to pile up. Weeks soon turn into months and months soon turn into years. Before you know it you're in over your head in debt.

You do everything you can to pay off your balance. You struggle and struggle but your balance always remains the same.


Everyone thinks about their debt situation.

How many times have you been afraid to pick up the phone knowing that there is a bill collector on the other end?

How many times have you not wanted to open your mailbox knowing that there is an overdue credit card bill in there?

Are you too far in debt?

Don't know where to go for help?

Don't know what to do?

How would you like to wake up in the morning and not worry about money? How would you like to have no financial worries?


Imagine being able to go to a restaurant and not having to look at the prices on the menu. Imagine being able to take a vacation anytime you want. Imagine driving the car of your dreams...

This IS possible! And you have found the way right now!


My name is Tony D'Andrea and I have been in the credit and investing field for over ten years. I have worked privately handling investments, worked for one of the largest banks in Canada, and am presently the Investor Relations manager for a multi-million dollar private financial company.

I have created Credit Secrets Investigated with YOU in mind. I have:

  • Created a complete package with a collection of incredible information that will help you control credit and get out of debt!

  • An in-depth Table of Contents which have linked headings directly to each section in the ebook - no scrolling needed!

  • Not only credit, bankruptcy, and debt information but a financial section that will help you to get a start on your savings!

  • Each section contains important tips and tricks that will help you handle any tough credit situation!

    Credit Secrets Investigated  has real life solutions for real financial problems. You can take control of your financial situation NOW!

    This 214 page ebook answers all your questions about credit, handling debt, bankruptcy, investing, and money management. This ebook has been structured to specifically help you if you live in the United States or Canada and this information will also help anyone worldwide!

    Finally feel what it's like to experience no debt, clean credit, and financial freedom! Click here now!

    Yours in health and wealth,

    Tony D'Andrea

  • "Tony, this monster of an ebook covered it all: From the basics of credit management to collection agencies and bankruptcy. This is a MUST HAVE course for someone looking to get the straight scoop on managing their credit and credit repair. It's loaded with actionable lists and tactics and explained in a clear and concise manner. I think Credit Secrets Investigated will become an instant classic. Job WELL DONE!!!

    Fabio Marciano,
    Personal Finance Coach and Author of "The Secrets of Wealth"


    For this reason, I have created Credit Secrets Investigated. I have learned answers to questions that you've always had and answers to questions that you've never thought of. I want you to succeed against credit and clean up all your debt. Credit Secrets Investigated is going to help you do exactly that.


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    At one time I had all of the same questions and worries as you have right now. My desire was to create a source that can help you save money, save your credit, and create financial freedom for you.

    This ebook is that source!!


    Whether you live in the United States Of America, Canada, or Worldwide, this ebook will help you. I have structured this ebook so that any information that relates to the United States, I will give you the same information that you would need in Canada and vice versa. Most information is also applicable to credit users worldwide.

    What if I showed you the answers to these questions?:

      What Are The 10 Greatest Myths About Credit?

      What Are The 15 Danger Signs That You May Be Getting Too Far In Debt?

      What Are 9 Tricks To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

      What Are The 3 Most Important Things Credit Companies Watch For?

      What Are 10 Things Debt Collectors Don't Want You To Know?

      What Are The 9 Credit Card Secrets Banks Don't Want You To Know?

    And one of the many bonuses I give you in my ebook:
      What Are 8 Truths Than Can Make You Wealthy?

    All of this AND MORE!!!

    You May Be Asking, "How Do You Figure You Can Help Me?"

    I can help you because I have BEEN there. I've been on the best end of credit and on the worst end of credit. I have had to suffer through bad times as well as enjoy the good times. All of this information that I have learned over the years is now information that I am going to share with you.

    I know credit inside and out and even with this knowledge, I still got caught in the credit trap.

    Credit found a way to get to me and I don't want it to get to you!

    I know how it feels to have creditors calling you. I know how it feels to be rejected for a loan or a credit card. If you are struggling with credit, I know how you feel right now.

    "Tony, before I read your book I was in debt up to my ears. I didn't know where to turn. But 3 months after reading your book and putting your instructions to good use I can proudly say I am on my way to finally being debt free for the first time in 25 years. Thank you so much!"

    Ryan W.
    Webmaster, Internet Marketer
    Ontario, Canada

    A Quick Story...

    A couple of years ago, I had excellent A1 credit. I'm talking the best credit that you can get. I could (and did) walk into a bank, gave them my identification, they punched it up on the computer, and on my credit rating ALONE, I had a $10,000 loan in under 15 minutes. Things were great.

    But then problems started to arise. I had a couple of businesses that went sideways and with no solid income, my debt started to build up. Credit cards were getting higher and higher and that credit mentioned above was getting past the point of no return. Everything happened so quickly. Finally, I realized that I had to do something. So I did a huge amount of research and combined it with what I already knew. Combining my knowledge and some options that I learned, I completely cleaned up my credit.

    Options and knowledge that I am now giving to you in this ebook.

    Credit Secrets Investigated will help YOU can clean up YOUR credit and eliminate YOUR debt.

    Now my credit is under control and I'm much happier not having to deal with all that debt. Things are looking up. Understand that credit doesn't fix itself overnight. You need to dedicate your time and energy to wanting to help your credit and eliminate your debt.

    "Tony, I've seen enough! Help me repair my credit now!"


    So What Are You Going To Learn In This eBook?

    This 214 page ebook is PACKED with information that you are going to find invaluable! There are 8 in depth chapters:

      General Credit.
      Credit Reports.
      Credit Cards.
      Financial Institutions.
      What You Can Do If You're Too Far In Debt.
      Collection Agencies.

    Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover in Credit Secrets Investigated...

      How Can you Build Credit History And Establish Credit?

      What Is A "Credit Score" And How Can You Get A Better Score?

      How Can You Lower Your Interest Rate On Your Credit Card?

      What Is A Consolidation Loan And How Can You Get One?

      How Can You Repair Your Credit And Get Out Of Debt - Immediately?

      What Should You Do When A Collection Agency Calls You?

      What Are The Different Types Of Bankruptcy And What Alternatives Do You Have?

      How Do You Make Retirement Plans, Low-Risk And High Risk Investments, And Mutual Funds Work In Your Favour?

    All of this AND MORE!!!

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    Are you ready to change your life? All of the topics mentioned above are just a SMALL part of what is talked about in Credit Secrets Investigated!

    You Will Benefit From This eBook!

    I am confident that you are going to benefit from reading Credit Secrets Investigated. I want nothing more than for you to succeed financially and not have to worry about credit. I want you to start out on the path to financial freedom! I want you to enjoy life! How would you like to:

      Feel More Confident In Handling Your Debt And Your Credit?

      Understand More About Credit, Investing, Bankruptcy, And Money Management?

      Understand Clearly That You Have Many Debt Reduction Options?

      Feel More Positive Towards Yourself And How You View Money?

    Purchase Credit Secrets Investigated and you will feel what it's like to be debt free!

    Credit Secrets Investigated is guaranteed to produce results. It doesn't matter if you're totally in debt, bankrupt, or have bad credit, this ebook will help you save money and help handle your debt right away! I will also show you things that you should know about money so that you won't only get rid of your credit card debt, but never get into debt again!!

    "Tony, I never really thought about my credit situation (I guess I was in denial) until I read your book. As I was reading, I discovered several warning signs in regards to my spending habits and how I dealt with my credit cards. Your book opened my eyes to the importance and fragility of good credit. I am definitely using it to help me clean up my act! Thank you for showing me where to start. By the time I would have found it on my own, my credit situation would have been worse and harder to deal with. Fortunately, I will not have to learn the hard way! Many thanks!"

    Christine Backmeyer
    Elementary School Teacher
    British Columbia, Canada

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    Ok, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

    I know that credit is expensive. Just look at the interest you are paying!

    How much would you pay for information that can help you get rid of $5,000 of debt?

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    Joe Desjardins
    Graduate Student & Researcher
    British Columbia, Canada

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    Now doesn't that sound fair? There is absolutely no risk on your part at all - all of the risk is on me. This means that you can read through the entire Credit Secrets Investigated ebook and if you're not totally satisfied, then I will return your money and regrettably admit that I really couldn't help you as much as I wanted to.

    Look at it this way. The cost of this ebook is likely less than one minimum payment on one of your credit cards. So for the price of less than one minimum payment, you could be on your way to having no debt!

    You Really Can't Afford To Not Invest In This eBook!

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    Yours in health and wealth,

    Tony D'Andrea

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